Truth: The Antidote to Bethel Redding’s Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit

004_Tony Preaching

The Repent Bethel Redding blog is dedicated to warning both the saved and the lost about the unbiblical teachings and practices of Bethel Redding and its associated ministries. This blog is dedicated to calling all who believe the false teachings of Bethel Redding, which includes the group’s ongoing blasphemy of the Holy Spirit–attributing to the Holy Spirit that which is not of Him, to repentance. And, this blog is dedicated to bringing the truth of God’s Word to all who have been captivated by and are held captive to the Bethel Redding cult.

The Bethel Redding cult worships an entity they call “Holy Spirit.”

I encourage you to watch this video of a sermon I’ve now preached a few times, and will preach again. I believe it is a biblical depiction of the work of the Holy Spirit. While this sermon certainly does not provide an exhaustive look at the Holy Spirit’s ongoing work in the Church, the individual believer, and the world, and while it certainly is not the finest teaching on the subject, I do believe the teaching provided gives ample biblical evidence of who is the true Holy Spirit, enough to show that who the Bethel Redding cult calls “Holy Spirit” is not Him.

Truth is the best antidote for error. Truth about the Holy Spirit is the best antidote for the lies Bethel Redding tells about the Holy Spirit.

I hope this sermon is an encouragement to you.

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2 Responses to Truth: The Antidote to Bethel Redding’s Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit

  1. Robert Anson says:

    I would like to speak to Tony in regards to my Bethel experience as a student of one semester the holy spirit got me out of there. Praise God. I experienced some very bizare teachings and expetiences. Call me if you wish 406 369 1376.


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