Banned from Bethel Redding

Bart McCurdy, his teenage son Billy, and I went to Bethel Redding to attend the group’s evening gathering. We went simply observe–to see what takes place during a Bethel meeting, with their own eyes. As we approached the front door of the building, we were met by Sean, a member of Bethel’s security team. We introduced ourselves. As we walked in the door, Sean stopped us and said that a pastor would need to talk to us before we went any farther. Moments later, the head of security and two staff pastors arrived. They explained to us that because of the way they had “dishonored” the leadership staff of Bethel Redding, via Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube we were banned from being at Bethel.

Here’s the audio of our encounter with staff members of Bethel Redding.

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7 Responses to Banned from Bethel Redding

  1. joep222 says:

    Some great signs of a cult/false church: they don’t let you in the door when you have never even been there, they are unwilling to talk with you, they have significant presence of a “security” team screening people, and you are almost never allowed to talk one on one with the “leader”.

    They do not want to be exposed to the light of truth, for their deeds are done in darkness. The darkness fears the light.

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  2. chosenlivelystones says:

    I am so glad somebody is making a blog just focosing on Bethel b/c in Norway we have bible school students going over to visit Bethel. These are bible students from chsrismatic churches….but l would agree that Bethel is a whole new level. They are a cult and l have warrened many people but it falls on deaf ears. People franticly search for a fresh new move of God. I am so glad l can refer people to this well researched blog! This is very helpful! May you blessed in your diligence for the truth!


    • Tony Miano says:

      Having now visited your beautiful country twice, I am well-aware of the insidious grip Bethel Redding has on some of the churches there. My time of ministry in Norway has afforded me opportunities to warn Christians in your country of the dangers, of the Bethel Redding cult.


      • chosenlivelystones says:

        I stumbled across one of your videos where you talked about Norway! At the time l was going to a mega church for lack of a better place to go but have now found a great small church. When l left the mega church l told the pastor why and sited the fact that since our church had now joined the family of Hilsong that meant we must support Bethel b/c brian and Jenn Johnson were opening up the Hillsong conference! Birds of a feather flock together!! I was not at all interested in anything Hillsong had to offer if they supported Bethel Redding!!


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  5. Bob says:

    I could be wrong but I think you made a mistake by posting the video that you were in town before you visited Bethel.


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