Bethelites at a Benny Hinn Show

In June of 2014, my friend James Bynum and a small group of Christians stood outside a Benny Hinn show in San Jose, CA. James and the group were there to warn attendees not to subject themselves to the heretical and blasphemous teachings of Hinn. They were there to lovingly and truthfully proclaim the law and the gospel to all who would hear and listen.

I’ve known James and his lovely wife, Diane, for years. James is one of the kindest, gentlest, most loving, and sincere men I know. And he would be the first to object to the compliment I just paid him.

James preaches the authentic gospel. He loves the Lord and he loves the lost.

At the 45:20 mark in the below video, James is approached by a group of young people from the Bethel Redding cult. James’ interaction with the group speaks for itself.

Watch and listen closely. Would a Bible-believing, Jesus-glorifying, gospel-teaching church produce and encourage this kind of behavior and these kinds of beliefs in its people? The obvious answer is no.

See and hear for yourself. Again, forward the video to the 45:20 mark.

While what you just watched is an abomination out of Bethel Redding, it is no way an aberration out of Bethel Redding. This kind of behavior is commonplace among people who belong to the Bethel Redding cult, as well as people around the world influenced by the false and demonic teachings of Bethel Redding.

If you are reading this and you are either a member of Bethel Redding or are in any way influenced by the teachings of Bethel Redding, flee. Please, for the sake of your soul, come out of there.

Bethel Redding is not readying people for eternity. Bethel Redding is manipulating people into believing a false gospel, a false Jesus, and false spirits.

Are you ready to stand before God to give an account of your life? Are you sure?

Please watch this.

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14 Responses to Bethelites at a Benny Hinn Show

  1. Amber says:

    Thanks for sharing this, and for offering up insight into the false beliefs of the NAR, Word of Faith, etc. I have listened to some of your audio as well as watched some of your stuff online. You, along with a few others, have helped me understand exactly what is going on and given me the push to investigate on my own. I have a dear friend deceived by the likes of Benny Hinn and Bethel “church”. I didn’t understand exactly what was going on, until I saw one of your youtube clips, and that led me to watch the strange fire conference. The only thing I knew from some of the things she said, was that something was OFF! Now I know exactly how much and in what ways. Please say a prayer for me, as I am keeping my friend constantly in my prayers now and looking for an opportunity to share the truth with her. I had a time planned,but the plans fell through for various reasons. But I will not give up, and will talk with her as soon as I can. Thanks for your ministry.



    • Tony Miano says:


      Thank you for taking the time to write your encouraging comment. I’m glad you have already found this new blog useful. That’s why less than a week ago I put it together.

      Praying for you, and for continued opportunities to speak truth in love, to your friend.



  2. Karen says:

    I’ve seen this video and its frightening. How easily we are lead astray, and how quickly truth becomes almost obsolete. These mislead sheep act like junkies looking for their next fix! I guess that’s what they are. Spiritual junkies looking for their next fix. Thank God for those willing to speak the truth!


    • Why don't people research a matter. says:

      Karen: Been calling these types, Conference Junkies, Glory Hogs and Firebugs for years. I started down that path having come out of a major guilt, condemnation, criticism; very abusive AOG/AG church, very culty. Very unhealthy, need to have life plan, because it was like trading one abuse for another. What’s worse, is not question Bible isn’t going forth (Word, foundations and Wisdom), Prayer, real/true a Worship, building Healthy people/families not emotional yo’s/yo’s etc.


      • Karen says:

        I too came out of an aofg church. It was getting so crazy by the time I left. If you weren’t seeking the “gifts” then you weren’t spiritual. Well, I got tired of that condemnation. I’m so grateful to be free of that religious spirit!!


  3. Reverent says:

    Thank you for your work Tony. I encourage all of my discerning brothers and sisters to pray. This kind of teaching is spreading like an aggressive undetectable cancer in churches all over the world. Pray hard and be courageous. Many have been lead astray. Lord have mercy.


  4. Why Allowed? says:

    Trinity Foundation in Dallas, Tx has been trying to Expose and hold B.H. For years for his behavior, lot’s of DVD’s and Dateline, and other news entities get there information from them (go spend time with them and talk to Ole Anthony and Pete). John Bloom’s article is excellent and David Wegner’s DVD on exposing B.H. (Note the Drugs in Boardroom and whose doing and participating while Bloom’s article exposes two inner circle staff dying of what type of overdose)? Note the guy in the Article that was going to Testify against B.H. ends up Dead on the day was going to Testify. Common knowledge that B.H. And TBN have PR groups to erase and delete negative news. Read all the archive articles in L.A. times exposing and whom ever else. Read “Onward Christian Soldier” by William Lobdell and archive 9/19-20/2004 Expose on TBN and all that’s written and more. Read “Losing My Religion” by William Lobdell (was an EXCELLENT Religion writer for Los Angeles Times; we have need of Men/women like this). Go to David Wilkerson’s Site “World Challenge” he has posted a video of B.H. cursing people that come up against HIS Ministry (isn’t that behavior of cursing and death isn’t that operating more like a Warlock/Witch Behavior since B.H. Is accountable to no one and has a complete and utter disdain for correction?). George Barna wrote a book exposing also ( contact him). Google the video that Paul Crouch is damning people to hell that come against his Ministry=God’s unto themselves. Talk to Jackie Alnor, Google that interview with TBN Grandaughter that she was slapped with a decease order to talk; she was exposing a lot. Contact Bill/Jackie Alnor what they know on B.H. And TBN (they were all complicit) and TBN would have B.H. on a lot and how much $ was exchanged for all that for years? It was in the News so-called Christian rat back a lot of them owned 10 Million Dollar Homes (B.H. Owned two) behind gated community in Newport Beach or Costa Mesa. The articles and DVD’s mentioned would show misuse of money, what owned, worth etc and NO ACCOUNTABILITY. By the way, Group of Men in Christendom (will send you the list) knew, heard all this for years and got copies of the article. People need to research before they Attend/Give Money to these Charleton’s. Benny Hinn, Controversial articles and People’s Negative Feedback and Abused by (then there is the EastCoast News on such).
    That’s why David Wilkerson wrote an article on, he wanted more people to Expose: “Troublemakers in The Church 6/2007”. He was praying for Armies of them.
    P.S. Trinity Foundation, Dallas has their list that they’ve been going after for a long time, it’s in their “Wittenburg Door” Magazine.


  5. Why Allowed? says:

    P.S. Men have told me this for over 20 years, in public, in churches that they had to work two jobs to keep B.H. and TBN In their lifestyles=meaning wives out of order, keeping the Family Broke and fits the Noel Alexander Jezebel Spirit teaching and John Paul Jackson tape teaching on that Subject (not the book) along with Tim Davis Ahab/Jezebel Husband/Wife roll in the Home (teachings early 90’s). I’ve only heard two men in the Pulpt admonish their audience NOT to give B.H. Money and why he was in error (in over fifty years, how sad). P.S. While your at it you should be Exposing Hillsong and do Don Elley reads and their cover up of horrific brutal child molestation for years, would consider the Son of founder extremely evil to cover it all up because they don’t want money /attendance to disappear. Controversial Articles on Hillsong, People’s Negative Feedback and Abused by Hillsong and do those reads, pretty sick stuff and CBS was promoting their NY/L.A. churches, really!). Something needs to be in place to remove and shut down businesses like this; they’re not churches, most people don’t know what a true church looks like, sad to say.
    Note: You might have issues with men mentioned in the Jezebel Teachings, might have fallen later. AT THE TIME MESSAGES THEY WERE SPOT ON, BRUTUAL MESSAGES and TRUTH, people that heard them, knew it. (I’ve given out over 1,000 copies). Then there was 1st Edition of Three Battlegrounds by Francis Frangipane, what a read.


  6. Why? Why don't people research a matter? says:

    By the way, Dateline/MSNBC and some other major news entity did one expose after another on Hinn, to NO avail, exposed the lies, misuse of money, lifestyle. Spending $11,000.00 a night on a hotel contact Trinity foundation Dallas tx they went dumpster diving for years and gave the info., to media; His Staff all flying on the Concord, $8,000 a person and that total expense. Look at Paul Crouch Sr., covering up his homosexual affair that many tried to expose and people still give money (which got exposed for paying him off and trying to Seal the Court Case), spending 1/2 million on alcohol and the same for a party, made the L.A. times and that they have OVER 60 Homes, 1 in Tennessee was worth 14 Mil, quite a few homes worth millions. Again, read John Bloom’s article or watch David Wegner’s Video”s or contact Trinity foundation, they save the film from ALL shows and archive and try and expose lies. All made L.A. Times and other news outlets. People don’t want to hear the truth, they will call you a liar for exposing. Stephen Parsons also has a website blogging church abuse. J. Lee Grady was wanting accountability of why Divorce of Hinn and wife 1st time along with Paula White and her husband, he was playn hardball former editor of Charisma; don’t think he got answers. Have you seen DVD, Lord, Save Us From Your Followers by Dan Merchant, get on Netflix. Read, Losing My Religion by Lobdell very sad read regarding church as a whole. Look at Don’t Call Me Brother by Austin Miles exposing that empire for being highly homosexual and child molesting and the movement still exist not to mention homosexual affair that gets exposed but will NEVER hear about in the News or the church. Look at “Jesus Camp”. Look at Ted Haggard, he NEVER submitted to what was mandated and he still has a following. Where is he going to make $10,000 a month with all expenses paid, home, car the lifestyle and $120-180,000 year end Bonus in secular working world (you would have to work as an Insurance Agent 15-20 yrs or account Executive/Financial Advisor long and hard to make that kind of money. “Sin makes you/me/I stupid”. I have friends who keep saying “the church is the whore riding the beast and to come out of her”, it’s in Revelations; people reject that. Jha Swarna has been heralding false church, no one heeding but the remnant, spoken of the number as few who make/find. Matthew 7:13-14. Men have told me they left their churches when found out worth 4 billion, another 14 Billion. Billion is correct. Have you ever research what TBN or B. Hinn owns, what worth in entirety and all the hidden accounts? That’s what Trinity Foundation, Dallas Tx. is working on, also trying to expose Joyce Meyer, Pat Robertson, Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copeland; ask them for the list. God doesn’t get any money and the majority LIE where the money goes and what do with. EVERYONE is doing what they think is RIGHT in there own eyes. Leonard Ravenhill nails in Why Revival Tarries where he was calling these charlatans in 1959, “playboy evangelist” and no one needed Elijah type, America is Too Young to Die”-1979, Hmmmm “Sodom had No Bible=book, as of 1991 America had over 600 million and yet what sin”. Over 700 Bible Schools and over 500 Seminarys (figures could be reversed). You have a lot of research. Judgment begins where? You don’t have to post. Ask William Lobdell or Ole Anthony/Pete if Hinn, TBN hire PR groups to delete negative news; find Steven Anderson he said that.


  7. B.O.S. says:

    No, don’t know that S. Anderson (kinda common name), he was a 951/909 area code at the time. When you said he was a Pastor in AZ.; I think there is a lot of Pastor’s that are mentally ill and have NEVER dealt with their issues and or live in TRUTH. The church became a Business and a way for Pastor’s who are really false, wolves and hirelings to be kept in their lifestyle or what’s been modeled by MANY FALSE SHEPHERDS. Research the Articles how some famous names marketed their books and became best sellers which a lot of them modeled after. Read, “Father, Son and Holy Rift” Article and all the Others on the same Movement and The Articles in “Daily Beast” and yet they still exist, especially when an Author exposed C.Smith Sr., for creating over 40 Business Entities, just have to Research. Amazing, how we as people attend, tithe and DON’T research a matter; we don’t research the History and the Foundations of any Movement.
    P.S. It’s been exposed and people don’t care, they still tithe and attend.


  8. Why, aren't we researching a matter? says:

    You know what’s sad, at one time had a group of people over for Bible Study and I asked if everyone wanted to watch: UTube, “Losing My Religion”, talk. William Lobdell talked about
    B. Hinn, ministry lies/abuses and how he contacted major leaders in Christendom and named them like: Billy/Franklin Graham, Robert Schuller etc., named a list of men to hold Mr. B. Hinn for his making 90 Million a year and all that Mr. Lobdell said about Mr. Hinn’s ministry excess ministry abuses and lies. The list of men became like Pontius Pilate and didn’t want to get involved. Stupid Christians are replacing God/Jesus/Holy Spirit with B. Hinn. Credit Card item is true that Mr. Lobdell mentioned, I’ve been at B. Hinn meeting to hear that one. One of the T.V. Networks when exposing conclusion was B. Hinn had Messiah Complex and they exposed a lot of lies and he is still in Business😩😢! Now I know why all the protesters with there hugh signs are outside B. Hinn conference trying to wake us stupid sheeple up, saw that years ago over Anaheim Convention Center and went over to talk with them.
    Losing My Religion Book-Lobdell and Don’t Call Me Brother-miles and Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse-Johnson/Van Vonderan, Etc., books I’ve mentioned; have given out hundreds of copies.


  9. Steven says:

    I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but Bethel Church & Christianity posted about a church called obed edom back in April that is a group of Bethel students and or graduates. The woman in the video above is part of leadership of this church and on their blog, they call the same video “Alison preaching the pure gospel” and I get the feeling that they are all very proud of this video. I have seen it and it disturbs me in so many ways and am glad that you have started this page to keep showing the error in this movement. I have first hand experience with current students of BSSM and their supporters and had to leave a ministry that I was in because of it. Its heart breaking to see these people so easily caught up in experiences and not Truth.


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