Kris Vallotton: A Theological Pretzel Maker

001_Vallotton Quote re Luke 2_19

Cult leaders like Kris Vallotton are master theological pretzel makers–eisegetes who twist Scripture to accommodate their twisted, sordid agendas. Like other false teachers at Bethel Redding, Vallotton preys upon the non-Bereans who follow his “teaching”–people who will not turn to the scriptures to see if what what Vallotton is feeding them is poisonous, let alone edible.

The above meme (courtesy of Chris Rosebrough) includes a quote from Vallotton’s book, Heavy Rain (p. 275).

“But Mary treasured all these things [the prophetic word the angel gave her about giving birth to the Savior of the world], pondering them in her heart” (Luke 2:19). Mary brooded over the word of God in her heart and gave birth to the Messiah. What she imagined became flesh and dwelt among us… When we dream with God, as Mary did, we co-create masterpieces of His imagination.”

What we have here is an example of a blasphemous ideology, which comes out of the apostate Word of Faith movement–the idea that human beings can create something out of nothing, by the power of their faith and words. Vallotton goes so far as to tell his readers they can be “co-creators” with the Creator of the Universe–God.

Vallotton takes the Roman Catholic blasphemous and damnable heresy of Mary as co-redemtrix to an even more blasphemous level when he writes: “What she [Mary] imagined became flesh and dwelt among us.” While the Roman Catholics hold that Mary is an integral participant in the redemption of souls, Vallotton takes things a step further by daring to assert that Mary’s imagination and dreams played a part in the incarnation of the God-Man Jesus Christ.

Of course, there is absolute no support for this heretical notion in Scripture. But then, Vallotton, like other cult leaders, is well-known for minimizing and marginalizing the authority of Scripture.

Yes, Mary played a vitally important role in the incarnation of the Word Become Flesh. She was chosen and blessed of God to be the earthly mother of the King of kings and the Lord of lords. However, she was not a participant in the sense that the incarnation was in any way contingent upon her cooperation, faith, imagination, or dreams. She was a recipient of God’s grace and mercy. She was chosen by God for the her role she played in the greatest of all miracles. Mary is not a co-redemtrix. And she was not a co-creator in the incarnation of God in the Flesh.

Kris Vallotton is a dangerous, false teacher leading thousands astray and into sin, by encouraging people to believe they are God-like with the power to create–a power given to no mere man–a power wielded by God alone.

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7 Responses to Kris Vallotton: A Theological Pretzel Maker

  1. Les Mataafa says:

    I cannot understand that in every generation that when Gods kingdom advances on the earth doomsayers and heretic hunters such as yourself rise up to bring down what the Father is wanting to further establish on the planet. You obviously have never been to bethel and probably never experienced the power of the Holy Spirit on you or through you. Just religious bigotry in the guise of being the saviour of the uninformed.


    • Tony Miano says:

      Sadly, you’ve been taught well by false teachers like Kris Vallotton. Whatever you do, don’t let the truth get in the way of your beliefs. The Holy Spirit is NOT what drives Bethel Redding. The false and lying spirits of the age do.

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    • Tony Miano says:

      Do you have a BIBLICAL refutation of what I either said in this article, or what I preached in the sermon?

      Or do you merely have the weapon of the intellectually unarmed–the ad hominem attack?


  2. selkins says:

    I have just come in contact with some that follow this kind of teaching. This is new to me, but one thing I have observed is that they pass out “words of knowledge” like candy. They don’t seem to believe suffering, humility, godly sorrow, and brokeness should exist in the born again beleiver’s life.


    • Tony Miano says:

      You are right. Please, for the sake of your own heart and mind, flee the teaching and the teachers of Bethel Redding.


      • selkins says:

        What is your thoughts on Global Awakening, Randy Clark? I inquired by email and they denied knowledge of “NAR”, however their terminology and teaching sure sounds “NAR”. I heard a speaker associated with them speak at a 3 day seminar (whatever they call it) and I was sorely vexed by some of the things he said. I am concerned that this may become the path that leads to the great apostasy.


  3. regina says:

    I recently moved to California and have been to three Bethel churches. The people are very zealous for God and there is great freedom in the churches. This is a sign of the Spirit of God, for where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. I did get a false prophecy the other day, though. I shrugged it off as it being a zealous young woman trying to hear from God. I do not believe in gold dust or gemstones or chicken feathers. That concerns me. Very greatly. It makes me wonder if BJ is a man of discernment or not. I wonder if he is a huckster because of this. However, he may be genuinely deceived. I do know that the people who attend Bethel churches are in love with God and seek to worship Him. They want His presence. Therefore, I’d rather go to one of these churches than a baptist church with no presence of God and their false teaching. Or the Catholic church filled with lies. Or the Word of Faith churches that promote greed. Or the Assemblies of God which won’t let the divorced do anything but clean toilets. Or the Methodists who are letting gays preach. Overall most churches have flaws because humans are flawed. I attend a Vineyard church because it seems to be the best place for me as that is where I feel I am to be. I think you should pray for BJ and Bethel and that some of your comments/ opinions are just off. Some are probably not. I’d say give it to God and move on. I finally have. Well, unless the chicken feathers start falling again. I think that was nonsense. I’d go to the Sacramento Bethel church if I lived there. They are on fire for God. For the author of this website, make sure you are led by God in all you do. Sometimes we can criticize when we shouldn’t. Be careful and make sure you are doing what God wants you to do. Have you written to BJ and the staff there? Could you try and do that? I know the whackiness probably gets to you but at least they are trying to find God. At least they aren’t religious unsaved powerless heretics. Find the good in it. I was so grieved over Bruce Jenner dressing like a woman. But the more I watch him the more I can see some good in it. Of course it is sin and perversion, but maybe we can see the transgender people as people whom God loves now instead of weirdos. Maybe we can accept and love them even while we call them to repentance. The devil meant it for evil, but God can turn it to good. We are all just saved wretches. Jesus is Lord of it all. Peace to you.

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